Feasting Outdoors

We LOVE to eat! Now that spring is in full force around here, we’re eating outside more and more. The cool air, green lawn and amazing dinners make this a memorable experience.

Our most recent feast was London Broil with a red wine reduction pan sauce, French cut green beans, “Gossett House Salad” and a homemade baguette.
[confession: though I love to eat red meat, my favorite part of this feast was the homemade baguette. Stephanie makes AMAZING bread and this is the “creme de la creme” of carbs]

We enjoyed our dinner in courses, starting with the most perfect baguette with extra virgin olive oil mixed with home-grown herbs. Then, we moved on to the “Gossett House Salad.” If you are privileged enough to stay with us, you are destined to have this salad. Romaine and spinach topped with carrots, tomatoes, home-grown green onions, croûtons and home made Italian dressing. The next course was the real deal… London Broil with an amazing sauce Stephanie made up from scratch. We also had French cut green beans, my favorite green vegetable. Then, after savoring this amazing meal, we topped it off with blended strawberry drinks. The perfect dessert for a warm evening.

Here are some pictures from this meal. You may want to get some towels to wipe the drool off your keyboard before you check them out.

Feasting Outdoors

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