spring = grass = happy

I’m a huge fan of spring. I didn’t really get it until I moved to Kentucky where we actually have seasons. Growing up in Florida was nice because it was always warm enough to wear sandals. Actually, I never really owned that many socks until I moved to Kentucky.

With spring here and my lawn growing, I’ve realized I love green grass. Kentucky Bluegrass has to be my favorite. I grew up with St. Augustine grass, which was nice because it aggressively fills in and looks like a Florida lawn. However, there’s something nice about Kentucky Bluegrass.

And there is nothing better than coming home, walking outside in the grass in bare feet (no, we don’t go everywhere in bare feet in Kentucky) and playing fetch with my dog on a beautiful day.

Ok, there are better things in life, but that is a good thing as well.


One thought on “spring = grass = happy

  1. Nothing better that a little green after 6 brown months!!!!! There is nothing I loved more than when Spring finally came in Louisville. Cherokee and Seneca Park were a favorite.

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