Everyone’s Blogs

So what’s up with everyone else in the world having a really active blog?  What the heck do you write about?  When do you find the time to write so many posts?  And what kind of exposure are you opening yourself up to?

Well, maybe it’s not that bad. I suffer from insecurity about what I write. Even when I was writing news stories each week for my undergrad degree, I never sent a story to family or friends, even though they did ask to see the stuff I was doing, because I was so embarassed of what I was writing. Why?  I was turning it in for a grade, so I should have worked hard on it, right?

So, here we go. This is yet another attempt at getting this blog going. I’ve made it easier with all sorts of plug-ins and nifty add-ons so it’s even easier to write a blog post than it is to write an email. Let’s see what kind of trouble I get in and how many people discredit my “work”.

Here we go world… prepare yourself for some crappy posts, and probably a lot of sarcastic humor…


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