Camera Phone

I have been lucky enough to be the perpetual hand-me-down-phone-guy. I get all these sweet phones because I don’t mind second-hand phones and these friends and family don’t want their old phone since it only takes pictures, has WiFi and Bluetooth, Will use virtually ANYTHING as a ringtone, has tons of organizational features like calendars, robust contacts, notes, laundry-folder, and doubles as an inflatable liferaft. It’s all good, but it doesn’t slice turkey in those paper-thin slices that you can see light and figures through. Yeah, the deli slicer on this phone cuts them pretty thick… but go ahead and upgrade. You deserve it!  And you really could use thinner sliced deli meats on the go!

So my latest hand-me-down is AT&T’s 8525. It’s basically the best marriage of a PocketPC and cell phone, without loosing any of the Pocket PC features that smartphones compromise. Also, you don’t have to keep it’s own wheeling case… this one actually fits in a normal pocket without recommended suspenders to keep it up. Isn’t that great?

The camera on this phone is probably the best camera on a phone I’ve ever owned. It’s no iPhone, but it’s still pretty sweet.

All this to say, prepare yourself, world, for Dan’s latests flickr account. That’s right… pictures from everywhere… uploaded and shared just for you. You know you’re interested now. That’s right… you’ll be coming back soon. It’s ok. You’re allowed to do that. No, it doesn’t make you weird, sad, a loser, or creepy. well, probably not. Actually… why don’t I keep my pictures to myself….

One thought on “Camera Phone

  1. My phone makes sandwiches.

    Well, maybe not, but it will sync with Address Book and iCal without a hitch or 3rd-party software. That’s my favorite feature.

    And the turkey comes out, shall I say, RAZR thin.

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